The September Issue


I heard about this movie last year, but sadly none of the theaters in town had it. But two days ago, one of my friend gave it to me. I didn't know what it was really about like, I heard it was about fashion and anna wintour, like it was a response movie to the devil wears Prada. But actually I have been really fascinated by this movie like a 3 years old girl in front of Snow White in Disney Land. Fashion always has been very secret, very hard to have an insight of the magazine or the works of designers. I think this report is really well built, honest, real and far from being pretentious like some may think. I think for those who want to work in fashion it allows you to confront yours personal vision of fashion and the "real" vision of the fashion world. 

As for the funny facts : 
- I've never see someone sponsorised by Louis Vuitton, but if one had to be picked up it would be definitively Andrea Leon Talley.  Special mention of the tennis scene with him, so far the funniest scene of the report 

- I really adore Grace Coddington because I love how sensitive she's and how she's so different that's people who are involved in fashion, like she shows that you could be a vogue insider and still have a human and sensitive vision of fashion. best scene : at Versailles. If I had to do an internship I rather want to be her assistant better than Anna's. 

- Anna is british, that's explain a lot of things about her personality as you can see in the devil wears prada. But I think she's like old fashion british. I guess she's not mean at all, that's how british used to be.

- Mean girls in fashion, is totally a HUGE cliché. I mean, well, there's not much mean girls in fashion than any other areas of works. Seems like they having a good time but like in E V E R Y jobs they are competitive people, you have to fight sometimes to get what you want and to get respected. 

- People in fashion industry are tall, young and skinny. that's only models :) 

Well i was really suprise by that movie and it confort me in my idea of the fashion world so I highly recommend it to you. 

L'autre jour, j'ai regardé deux fois le film The September Issue, j'en avais déja entendu parlé mais bon aucun cinéma de ma petite ville ne le passait donc bon. Ce film m'a littéralement fasciné comme une petite fille devant Blanche Neige à Disney Land. Je trouve que c'est un documentaire assez honnête, réaliste sur la mode même si quelques rectifications sur la suprématie de Anna Wintour sont à redire. Enfin, entre André Léon Talley qui fait du tennis, sponsorisé par Louis Vuitton et Grace Coddington qui une personnalité vraiment adorable et attachante. Je vous recommande ce film. 

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